Monday, September 24, 2018

George Town, Penang, Malaysia - PART VI

Monday, September 24, 2018

On Sunday morning, our friends Ivan and Jun picked us up for a two day adventure to the Cameron Highlands (which are about 3 hours away from Penang in the mountains - it reminded me of those in greater Boston visiting New Hampshire or Maine for a weekend).  

On the way there, we stopped in Ipoh and visited the Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple and Zen Gardens.  Nature in all her beauty.  Very peaceful.

We stayed at the Nova Highlands Resort and Residence.  We stayed in a two bedroom 'suite' which was more like a spacious apartment.  Clean and perfect for the four of us for an overnight.

In no specific order, we visited 
  • Strawberry farm
  • Cactus farm (also loads of succulents - Yes, Jeffrey will be planting purple succulents in our front 'flower bed' next year)
  • Tea plantation
  • 3D Interactive Museum (Holiday’s Park (Amusement Park)The first 3D Interactive Museum in Cameron Highlands, featuring a fleet of wall paintings where you can explore the different dimensions)
  • Outdoor market (SURPRISE: Jeffrey didn't buy anything - - family, don't faint...)
  • And, yes, loads of food, food and more food.
A highlight (food wise) today was a stop at The Lord's Cafe where we enjoyed the most wonderful scones with strawberry jam, cream and butter (along with other wonderful dishes related to strawberries)

Photos are to follow - we just returned to our home base at the Kimberley Hotel and I wanted to get this information 'downloaded' from my brain before I forgot it all. 

We're so fortunate to have Ivan and Jun as our special Malaysian friends who put up with our quirks and bring us laughs, love and education about everything Asian.  

[Side Note: Ivan's dear 88 years young Aunt passed away yesterday and he was fortunate to have just visited her a day or so before.  She had lived a good life and loved to travel (having just returned from a trip to Hong Kong, etc).]  It seems to support our premise that life is for living.  No should haves - - Do what is within your reach instead of putting them off until 'tomorrow'.

Here are some new foods that have entered our lives:
  • Mutabah - one filled with chicken and vegetables; another filled with mutton
  • Teh Tarik - aka Pulled Tea - which is black tea with sweet condensed milk which is 'pulled' (poured between two metal cups to add froth and cool the hot tea).  Being a bit of a 'tea-aholic' this is one of my favorites when in Malaysia.
  • Dragons Beard/Dragon's Whiskers vegetable - very delicious
  • Emperor's Green Vegetable - too good for words
  • Tapioca Greens (Cassava Leaves) - toxic raw - superb cooked
  • Seaweed - tasted more like a delicious spinach - it's all in the way it's prepared.
Please post your comments if you've read this far.  Would love to hear your thoughts on how I'm doing!

Life Is Good!

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