Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mini-Adventure Equals Eating and More Eating... Part III

Now we're up to Sunday morning - left Salisbury at 5:00 AM - for the uneventful drive home.  Enjoyed the beautiful weather, very little traffic, and a short stop at Stew Leonard's in Norwalk, CT (where I used to live) to purchase more food.  

We purchased a huge chunk of Korean Beef Ribs (which we only ate 1/2 of for dinner), which were already cooked and so juicy, you hardly needed to chew.  I think I'll need to hardly eat for the next week to make up for the large consumption of food that we've been enjoying over the past three days. 

Totally worth it - - but, I feel like we're waddling a little more than usual!

Eating our way to and from this Mini-Adventure was fun (in our warped and wonderful way) and I'm so glad we still enjoy these excursions.

Mini-Adventure Equals Eating and More Eating... Part II

We then stayed overnight in Salisbury, MD at the La Quinta Hotel and Suites (nicer than I expected.)  Saturday morning started with the included breakfast (also better than expected) and a trip to Pokomoke, MD to go to the Sysco Cash and Carry.  Not that we don't have food 'up North', but it's fun to go to this store and buy some things in 'quantity' that we don't seem to have closer to home.  We tried to also stop at some flea markets, but the weather was horrible (so no outside set ups) and the inside venues had loads of junk.

A highlight of the afternoon was having the passenger side windshield wiper fly off the van (not just once, but twice) while we were going @ 40 mph.  Jeff finally went to an AutoZone and got a new one (and had them install it).  

The main purpose of the adventure was to go to the Old Mill Crab House in Delmar, DE on Saturday night (so that Jeff could pig out eating crabs).  Call this one mission accomplished.  When we arrived, I told the woman at the front desk that we'd made the trip from Boston and a wonder woman/server ++ named Leslie 'adopted' us for the evening.  She and Elissa both made sure we had everything we needed (including hugs) and it was a great evening.  Again, way too much food, but all delicious.

Mini-Adventure Equals Eating and More Eating... Part I

We left our home early Friday morning, stopping at Harold's New York Deli in Edison, NJ for an early lunch.  Their portions (along with their prices) are humongous, but fortunately, they actually suggest that you share a sandwich since it feeds @ 6-8 people as it's served.

Here's a photo of our sandwich - Pastrami on Rye - totally delicious - -

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Here we go...

My life is not necessarily remarkable, but I do have some great adventures and have chosen to chronicle some of these in this forum.  I may digress (from time to time) to vent about an issue or two - - time will tell...

I've been blessed with amazing people in my life - my husband, my 'step-kids' (who I refer to as my kids - with due respect to their wonderful mother [who is truly now a dear friend]), friends, acquaintances and customers of our small business.

Travel is one of my greatest sources of joy and wonder.  

     Visiting all parts of this amazing world
     Having adventures
     Trying local and delicious foods and drinks
     Meeting locals and fellow travelers

          This is what brings me great delight!