Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A New Addition to the Family

After driving my wonderful 2006 Prius over 145,000 miles, I 'upgraded' to a 2011 Kia Soul. 

The heart warming part of this story is that back in 2011, for our 25th wedding anniversary, Jeff rented me a Kia Soul (for a week) as his present to me.  We had fallen in love with the 'hamster commercials' on TV and it was a total surprise - - and greatly appreciated.

My Prius has just started needing some pricey repairs, so the time was right to get a new (to me) used car.  I love the color (Metallic Caramel, but we call it Copper) and the car drives like a dream

Before purchasing the car, I took the car to a trusted mechanic who gave me a list of things that needed attention.  The used car dealer I purchased it from did everything, plus more (at no additional charge to me) and today I was able to register the car and get it inspected.

I'm hoping to create and share many more happy memories in this vehicle - - while always remembering how much love is enclosed within its' walls.

Life is Good.  Love is even better.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Counting Down to our Next Big Adventure

In @ 4 months, we leave for our next big adventure...  A 34 day cruise circumnavigating Australia (with stops in Indonesia and New Guinea).  We'll be traveling on Oceania's Regatta - only @ 650 passengers.

I've just spent 3 days researching and booking excursions in the 17 ports we'll be stopping at.  Some ports we'll just be 'schmying' around, on our own, in markets and the like; others we'll be communing with local animals (read that as kangaroos and koalas); and others there'll be some 'cultural enrichment'.

We'll be doing a lot of just good old fashioned relaxing inbetween ports - - and that's 110% okay with me. 

I look forward to the many fellow passengers we'll be meeting as well as the fabulous crew that will be pampering us and fulfilling every spoken (and unspoken) need we may have!.

Life is good. 


Day Port Arrive Depart
Dec 20 Wed Sydney, Australia Embark 1 PM 6 PM
Dec 21 Thu Cruising the Tasman Sea
Dec 22 Fri Brisbane, Australia 7 AM 4 PM
Dec 23 Sat Kingfisher Bay (Fraser Island), Australia 12 PM 7 PM
Dec 24 Sun Cruising the Coral Sea
Dec 25 Mon Cairns, Australia 2 PM
Dec 26 Tue Cairns, Australia 9 PM
Dec 27 Wed Cruising the Coral Sea
Dec 28 Thu Alotau, Papua New Guinea 8 AM 4 PM
Dec 29 Fri Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 10 AM 8 PM
Dec 30 Sat Cruising the Coral Sea
Dec 31 Sun Cruising the Arafura Sea
Jan 1 Mon Darwin, Australia 9 AM 6 PM
Jan 2 Tue Cruising the Timor Sea
Jan 3 Wed Komodo, Indonesia 12 PM 7 PM
Jan 4 Thu Bali (Benoa), Indonesia 1 PM
Jan 5 Fri Bali (Benoa), Indonesia 6 PM
Jan 6 Sat Cruising the Timor Sea
Jan 7 Sun Cruising the Indian Ocean
Jan 8 Mon Exmouth, Australia 7 AM 6 PM
Jan 9 Tue Cruising the Indian Ocean
Jan 10 Wed Geraldton, Australia 8 AM 5 PM
Jan 11 Thu Perth (Fremantle), Australia 8 AM 8 PM
Jan 12 Fri Cruising the Indian Ocean
Jan 13 Sat Esperance, Australia 8 AM 6 PM
Jan 14 Sun Cruising the Great Australian Bight
Jan 15 Mon Cruising the Great Australian Bight
Jan 16 Tue Penneshaw (Kangaroo Island), Australia 8 AM 6 PM
Jan 17 Wed Adelaide, Australia 7 AM 7 PM
Jan 18 Thu Cruising Bass Strait
Jan 19 Fri Melbourne, Australia 8 AM 6 PM
Jan 20 Sat Burnie (Tasmania), Australia 9 AM 8 PM
Jan 21 Sun Cruising the Tasman Sea
Jan 22 Mon Eden, Australia 7 AM 4 PM
Jan 23 Tue Sydney, Australia Disembark 8 AM