Friday, September 21, 2018

George Town, Penang, Malaysia - PART IV

Friday, September 21, 2018

After 45 years in the 'normal' work force - overlapping with 25 years of having our own business; it's very interesting learning how people grow and move their businesses forward. Our friend, Ivan, belongs to a business group called BNI Success.  They represent different types of businesses.  They meet every week to exchange leads and share ideas to grow business.  

Yesterday, we had the honor of attending the weekly meeting.  We were treated as honored guests; everyone introduced themselves to us individually; we exchanged business cards.  As part of the meeting, each visitor is allowed to introduce themselves and their business.  I spoke for The Chair Man and The Tea Lady describing what we do.  The attendees treated me as if I was a 'rock start' and after the meeting I received requests to be connected on Facebook (where a couple of the members wrote very flattering posts about our attendance).  I may never do business with any of them, but a border has been crossed and a bond has been made.  In a couple of weeks, they're having a full day outing which we've been invited to attend.  It will be like spending a day with old friends - looking forward to it greatly.

On A Different Note:
There is a small convenience store next to our hotel.  We've gotten friendly (surprise, surprise) with the two young ladies that work there and even if we don't stop in, whenever they see us, they wave and smile.   Yesterday, we stopped in to say hello and one of the ladies offered us a food we'd never seen before,  She had purchased some for herself, but wanted to share some with us because we're now friends.  To be honest, the food had little to no taste, but the idea that she thought of and bought this item for us was mind-blowing.  (Yes, a little friendliness goes a long way...)

And - by the way:
There's lots of eating street food inbetween our adventures.  I'm so spoiled - there is delicious food around every corner for very little money.  The trick is not trying to eat it all at once.

Life Is Good!

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