Tuesday, September 18, 2018

George Town, Penang, Malaysia - PART III

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Yesterday was a Malaysian holiday so we were fortunate to spend most of the day with both Jun and Ivan.  We went on a most spectacular funicular ride at Penang Hill.  The funicular is like a cable car but it rides on a track up the steep grade.  It looked more like a train with compartments that held @ 10 passengers each.  We love going in Funiculars and Cable Cars, so this was a highlight. 

Once on top we got to have a panoramic view of Penang as well as got to see the Owl and Camera Museum.  

Of course, after 'sightseeing', it's time for food.  We tried someone new (for us) called Lok-Lok.   Similar to hot pot but much better. 

You sit down at a table with dozens of different items on skewers with a pot of boiling water in the middle of the table. You take what you wish (1 or 2 or more skewers at a time), put them in the water to cook, remove when ready, dip in amazing sauces and enjoy eating. Keep repeating until you can’t move any more. They keep replacing the chosen items as you ‘graze’ and bring out more choices. At the end they count the skewers (which have different colors on them) and tell you what you owe. 

Then on to a Buddhist temple with a huge statue 

and smaller cute concrete statues (Disney, animals) as well as all the animals of the Chinese zodiac.  Jeff is the Year of the Rat; I'm the Year of the Snake; Jun and Ivan are  Year of the Rabbit


Finally, back to the hotel for a little rest and then, just down the block, street food for dinner.  Noodle soup with chicken; Jeff added a few chicken wings.  Totally delicious and not too much after the Lok-Lok feast.

Today we've been 'on our own' and visited the Chocolate Museum and the Glass Museum.  No photos from the Chocolate Museum, but the Glass Museum was amazing.

Went to a local mall (also across a major street from our hotel) and shopped around.  Cheated on eating only local food by stopping at Subway for a sandwich.  

Tonight it's more Dim Sum from across the street - - loving the local food!

Life Is Good!

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