Saturday, September 22, 2018

George Town, Penang, Malaysia - PART V

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Went on a solo adventure while Jeff rested

I visited an area of George Town called Little India. (only @ a half mile from our hotel). Yesterday Jeff purchased a pair of dress pants. It would cost more to have them shortened at home than what he paid for them, so I was referred here to find one of the many fine tailors. I found a tailor and was told I only needed to wait 1/2 hour so I sat in one of the many food areas enjoying a cold A&W Root Beer and people watching.

As promised, the pants were ready even sooner and the Tailor only charged $1.25 - what a bargain.

On the way to my next stop, I met a very charming woman from France (who lives part time in Bali) and we had a wonderful conversation on the street about how amazing the Malaysian people are:  friendly, helpful, and much more.  We should all be more like them every day. 

I then see a man carrying a bag of peacock feathers.  We start talking - he's from Singapore, HOWEVER, he used to live in Boston (near Symphony Hall).  The world is so much smaller than anyone can imagine.

Then I went for a mega- mani and pedi - 2 hours of pampering.  So wonderful.

Went back to the hotel, told Jeff the story of my pampering and back we went so he could get the whole treatment.  

After a short 'rest', went down the street for a street food dinner:  soup with glass noodles, chicken and a few vegetables.  Hit the spot.  (Oh, did I tell you - we cheated again today and had McDonald's for lunch...)

Tomorrow we're heading out for a two day adventure with Jun and Ivan.  Will take as many photos as possible and share all with you when we return!  Please note:  since I'm married to a 'snack loving man', there is a whole bag of goodies packed for our upcoming adventure.  Heaven forbid we sit in the car for more than a few minutes without something to munch on.

Life Is Good!

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