Thursday, October 4, 2018

Batu Ferringhi, Penang, Malaysia - PART I

Thursday, October 4, 2018

It's been a relaxing week while we're staying at the Hard Rock Hotel.  Lovely accommodations with excellent service all the way around.   They have a night market that runs along the same road as the hotel - and the hotel runs a free shuttle every 1/2 hour to the 'end' which is 1.2 kilometers away so we've also just taken the shuttle to eat at some of the local places along the way.

Made a new friend - Hello, Linda Logothetis, who's been visiting here with her 13 year old grandson, Gabriel, from Perth, Australia.  

She's originally from South Africa so she and Gabriel are totally aware of my favorite tea, Rooibos.  We've had hours and hours of talks and she's a truly remarkable lady.  I feel so fortunate to cross paths with amazing people who enrich my life and help me over some of the dark patches.

A few days ago, Linda, Grabriel and I took a local bus to a Craft Batik Factory (and store, of course) and it was fascinating to see how batik material is made.  Very labor intensive...  

Then we walked down the street @ 1/2 mile to Entopia - which features butterflies and much more.

For the past few days, Jeff's had a really bad sore throat and showed major signs of dehydration.  We were scheduled to go to a different night market with Ivan last night, but after having some yummy soup for dinner, the decision was made to tackle Jeff's health head on.  Instead, we were able to go down the street (thank you, Ivan, for making sure we got Jeff there and back) to a Clinic where they examined him and gave him antibiotics and other medications to get him back on the road to health.  Mainly, he's got to drink loads of water.  Today, it's rainy outside, so it's a perfect day for him to sleep and medicate.  (Keeping fingers and toes crossed for a quick resolution of his issues!) 

The sun has decided to make an appearance, so life is looking up.  Jeff is napping and briefly waking up to drink water and back to napping.  For him, sleep is a very good medicine, so we'll see how things brighten up.

Life Is Good!

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