Saturday, August 29, 2020

More Than Five Months Living In A Pandemic

 I feel very fortunate that I have not been visited by the many misfortunes that have affected friends and acquaintances (and total strangers) during these past few months.   

  • Jeffrey's pension and annuity checks still come in every month
  • We're both still receiving our Social Security deposits
  • We've had more chair work than usual coming in and keeping Jeffrey occupied
  • We have had no health issues related to the Covid-19 virus
  • Jeffrey and I have still received virtual (and in-person) medical care during these past months
  • We've enjoyed having two of our 13-year-old grandchildren weekdays since March
  • We enjoy checking in with all four of our adult kids each week via phone
  • I've been able to arrange grocery deliveries from various sources
  • eBay sales have been relatively steady and the Postal Service has done pick-ups of my packages most days
  • I've found all kinds of interesting items to order on-line (including various types of face masks so that we can protect ourselves and others)
  • Our home is secure and no unexpected issues have occurred
  • Our favorite Sunday morning activity of going out to breakfast at Uncle Charlie's Finer Diner has resumed.  (Yes, it's the little things that mean the most right now!) 
However, we are unable to go on our usual adventures.  Two vacations canceled for 2020 (so far) and a third (planned for December - repeat of our circumnavigation of Australia) looks like it will not occur.  Actually, I'm sure I will cancel our reservation if the cruise line doesn't cancel first.

The one thing that I truly miss the most is HUGS.  Good, old fashioned, loving hugs!

The bottom line - Life is (still) good!  I have to continue to count our blessings and try not to complain about inconveniences.

Saturday, August 24, 2019


August 14, 2019

Southampton, United Kingdom

Time to head home - 

Transfer from the ship to Heathrow Airport was on time and gave us plenty of time at the Airport until our 5:00 PM flight home on British Airways.

Very pleasant Boston based crew on the plane - enjoyed the inflight entertainment.

Arrived a little early - multiple international flights arrived at once and it could have been a horrible wait on line to clear Immigration and Customs, but, 'thanks' to Jeff being in a wheelchair in airports, we were whisked through, got our bags immediately and Toby picked us up in the middle of a mad mumble of cars.

No problem trying to sleep tonight.  The 5 hour time change definitely caught up to us, but as long as we're home safe and sound, who really cares.

Time to start getting ready for our next adventure in November (20 days in the Caribbean).

Life Is Good


August 13, 2019

Portland, United Kingdom

In past travels, we've seen the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, we've climbed the Great Wall of China (just to name a few amazing world famous spots).  Now we can add Stonehenge to that list.  WOW - a long bus ride from the ship to the actual site and then a self guided tour.  Absolutely amazing!

Life Is Good


August 12, 2019

Cork, Ireland

Excursion entitled Cork's Countryside and Kinsale (lovely little town)

Life Is Good

A local hotel where we were offered scones and coffee/tea before getting back on the bus